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Electronic Tool industry: adjust the industrial structure to meet the innovative development
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With the further recovery of the domestic market economy, directly contributing to the Electronic Tool market rebound.

"Global sales of
Electronic Tools Brand in which more than half is produced by China" It has been such a strong expression of Automatic tools exuberant production capacity and exports. However, God Bless the weather, a few years ago in the case of raw material prices, a sudden financial crisis led to a sharp contraction of Automatic Tools trade orders, which is characterized by a significant extraversion Elctronic Tool industry is undoubtedly a heavy blow, many owners have discontinued or diverted, the remaining companies are struggling with difficult to survive.

When the market environment has changed, the original potential problems will be exposed. Admittedly, our 
Automatic tools business itself defects: small scale, backward technology, lack of brand strength, low industrial integration, etc., resulting in product performance and value-added, low export rate capability.

Because of power tools business Pu smaller pieces, so the industry and technology development capability of independent innovation is weak. Although some of the larger enterprises have production and sales situation is more stable, but on the international market the price advantage of electronic tools gradually weakened, some companies want into the international, not an easy task.

It is reported that the 
automatic tool
export situation is still grim, troubled industry exports unfavorable factors still exist, and greater impact. Steel (including silicon steel), copper (copper wire, etc.), aluminum, magnesium alloy, engineering plastics production of electric tools, mainly raw materials prices rise, so power tools production costs continue to rise, a direct impact on the effectiveness of exports of products . The impact of rising raw material prices, in addition to improving product sales prices outside the enterprise has no other solution, the potential of the original "conservation potential" has been digging to do, and then save that only "cut corners" . Jerry-build inevitably affect the quality of products, customer returns or claims to bear the risk. For all the companies are not going to work. After all, integrity is an important principle to maintain customers.

Therefore, enterprises should increase technology investment, enhance independent innovation capability, appropriate adjustments to the existing industrial structure. With independent intellectual property rights as the core competitiveness, a firm foothold in the fierce competition.

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