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Keyword:T12 soldering tip,Soldering Stations,Automatic Glue Dispenser,Automatic Tape Dispenser,Tweezers
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FEITA CR245 Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Ceramic Tweezers for Diy Repair
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1).Ceramic tip with static, no magnetic.Suitable for precision sensitive electronic components of the operation.
2). The tip heat resistance is extremely strong, ability high temperature 1000°c , Suitable for long time homework.
3). Acid and alkali resistant, also suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical homework.
1) Zirconia ceramic material: HRA ≥70
2) Size (L x W): 130 x 10mm
3) Magnetism:none
4) Tip Tweezers:Zirconia Ceramics 
5) Materia:stainless steel
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