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ESD Plastic Tipped Stainless Steel Tweezers:

ESD-259, ESD-259A, ESD-250, ESD-249, ESD-242, ESD-7A, ESD-00, ESD-2A,

Anti-staticstainless steel ESD Series tweezers interchangeable tips for the anti-static carbon fiber, depending on the products and use tweezers to take necessary interchangeable heads for different styles. Tweezers handle made of stainless steel, feel good, long-term use for laboratories, hospitals, microelectronics, electronics, semiconductors, computers, watches, clean room engineering.

The quality has reached the international quality standards, users get the praise, currently exported to Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, the Middle East and other countries, is the best choice to replace imported Tweezers.

Any product request, please email for us, E-mail:sales@feitadz.com, or visit our website: http://www.feitadz.com/ .



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