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FEITA 936 Soldering Iron Station
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FEITA 936 temperature soldering iron

Slim type design, especially to save space.
Handle special light, use a long time never feel tired.
Special screws fixed temperature, prevent staff disorderly adjustable temperature.
There is general and demolition eliminate electrostatic type two, with different needs.
936 model specifications:
The power consumption of 60W
The console output voltage AC 24V
The range of temperature control in 200 ~ 480 degrees
Size (not including wire) 120 (wide) x 93 (high) x 170 (mm deep)
Weight (not including wire) about 1.3KG
Soldering iron model 907
Anti-static anti-static function
The power consumption of AC 24V-50W
Standard for welding 900M-T-I
The grounding impedance 2 ohms below
The drain voltage below 2mV (average 0.6mV)
The heating core ceramic heating core
Length (not including wire) 190mm
Weight (not including wire) 44g

Product description 936- 220V portfolio model
936 soldering station with 220V
936 soldering station with 907 soldering iron handle,Chinese, UK, US plug.
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