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FEITA 983 Automatic Glue Dispenser
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FT-983 Automatic Glue Dispenser

Technical Specifications:
Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% / 50Hz
        AC 110V ± 10% / 60Hz (can be internal conversion)
Power consumption: <8W
Air Source: Max 0.99MPa (clean dry air without lubrication)
spit pressure adjustment range: 0.05MPa - 0.99MPa
spit time adjustment range: adjustable DIP switch to switch 0.01S-1S; 0.1-10S; 0.2-20S; 0.3-30S
● Function modes: manual mode / semi-automatic mode (quantitative spit)
vacuum function: adjustable to 600 mm Hg negative pressure control
Repeatability and spit Frequency: Accuracy: +0.05% Frequency: 600 times / min
minimum discharge rate: 0.01ml
● Dimensions: 235mmx225mmx6 mm

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