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DT300F industrial dispensing robots wholesale
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DT300F industrial dispensing robots wholesale  

Model : DT300F


1. may the simple addition automatic control part become the multi-purpose production equipment; the radio station itself provides I/O PORT may let you install the automatic control part, for example: Air cylinder, gripping jaw, real suction mouth…And so on, satisfies the different state the production process demand.

2. independently designs the production to provide you the most specialized service; the specialized soft hardware research and development team and the efficiency produce from the group, provide you the non-extra worries the components to prepare materials and the post-sale service, lets your machine not be able to become the orphan.

3. this product best-selling more than 40 countries, are subject to the customer to like using;not only DT Series receives home most factories the loves to use, penetrates the ODM manufacture for sale abroad to the world more than 40 countries, becomes the desk-top rubber equipment's world first brand.

4 is suitable industry of for the various types rubber demand; the general common UV rubber, Silicon, EPOXY, the red rubber, the silver rubber, a.B rubber, the COB black rubber, lead the bakelite, the radiation aluminum paste, the instantaneous rubber…And so on a rubber, all may use on the DTseries equipment.





  Working Range X/Y/Z(mm)




  Load Y-AXIS / Z-AXIS

5 kg / 3 kg

10 kg / 5 kg

  X&Y / Z (mm/sec)




0.001 mm/Axis

  Repetitive Positioning Accuracy

+/- 0.01 mm/ Axis

  Program Capacity

At least 100 group, each group of 4000 points

  Data Storage Type

CF Card

  Program Display

Teach Pendant LCD

  Motor System

Micro step advancement in grade precision motor

  Control Method


  Interpolation Function

 3 axis (3D three-dimensional space random way all may)

  Programming Method

Teaches box/PC

  I/O Signals Port

 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs

  External Control Interface


  Power Supply

AC110 ~ 220V 300W

  Working Temperature

 10 - 40 C

  Working Relative Humidity

20 - 90% no condensation

  Dimensions (WxDxH mm)

380 x 370x 500

485 x 500 x 600

585 x 600 x 600

  Robot Weight (kg)

23 kg

32 kg

40 kg


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